Keep Your Chimney in Great Condition

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While sweeping, we strive to keep the work area neat and clean by using high velocity vacuums with outstanding filters and utilizing multiple drop cloths. Our sweeps are experts at containing soot during all sweeping and at uncovering problems that are within the chimney yet out of visual sight and therefore unknown by the homeowner. If any chimney issues are uncovered during the sweeping, our sweeps will bring this to your attention by providing documentation and photos.

Don't wait until the chilly weather arrives. Hire us for chimney sweeping services now.

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Rely on us to contain the soot while making your chimney spotless. During the chimney sweeping process, we'll use powerful vacuums with high-quality filters to keep the area as neat as possible. If we encounter a chimney issue while cleaning, we will:

  • Notify you of the problem
  • Take pictures and documentation
  • Discuss next steps with you

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